Crypto Bull Run Predictions 2019: A positive outlook for 2019 might even continue on to the year 2020

2018 was a rough year for many cryptocurrencies as its prices went down and fluctuated in the market. A bear market was an experience which crippled some investment and the crypto market. After reaching an increase of a whopping $800 billion, the market capitalization shrunk of about 88%, therefore, making investors anticipate a new cycle.

A positive outcome for 2019

Many giant companies lost millions of assets such as Pantera Capital, Bitmain, Galaxy Digital and many more. This did not hinder most of these companies as the market expected to have a positive outcome for 2019. Many of them are waiting for the crypto bull run predictions and see what it has in store for them.

2019 Predictions

The year 2019 will be indeed a good year for the crypto market as prices will have a huge turnaround and have a surprising increase in its values. It will finally experience a bull run as the market will begin to stabilize and have growth. Most predictions for the cryptocurrencies hold a great promise as most will experience a peak in prices. There will also be a partnership by big financial industries which will help in its increase.

2019 will be the start of a bull market

Many market enthusiasts are saying that 2019 will be the start of a bull market and bull run will finally commence. The break of resistance of the cryptocurrency will end the bear market of 2018 and therefore be a good year for many investors. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will reach an all-time high of $28,100, Ethereum will also have an increase of $2090, Litecoin will rise up to $650 making it safe to say that crypto market is now experiencing a fruitful year.

It might even continue on to the year 2020

It is expected that the crypto bull run would finally happen with such a great increase in price and value of many currencies. It might even continue on to the year 2020 if the values and prices remain stable and high.

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