Uber IPO 2019: Uber IPO Share Price and Date – Uber Looking at a 100 Billion Dollars Evaluation

After Lyft (LYFT) went live on Nasdaq less than two weeks back at the end of March 2019, Uber finally finished preparations for their IPO to an end and altogether with being announced as the biggest IPO since Alibaba (BABA) and Facebook (FB).

At the opening sale that started on Thursday, May 9th, Uber started at the price of 45$, soon going down below the initial price and touching 41$ per share at the closing.

Many analysts expected to see Uber blooming as based on evaluation, Uber was supposed to be the biggest IPO since Facebook in 2012 and Alibaba in 2014.

Lyft had a similar destiny, Uber’s ridesharing competitor that went public at the end of March 2019, dropping from the starting share price of 72$ and ending at 51$ over the course of 5 weeks.

Uber Date and Share Price IPO 2019: What is the Share Price Estimate for Uber?

Uber raised 8.1 billion dollars with their IPO in oppose to the expected 9 billion, while market capitalization of Uber now stands at 76.5 billion dollars.

Private investors evaluated the company at 76 billion, however, final evaluation for Uber was said to be set between 90 and 100 billion dollars, previously suggesting that Uber is worth at least 120 billion.

Uber IPO Preparations

While Uber already announced that they expect to see 10 billion dollars raised with their public offering in May when the company is more likely to go public, Uber also announced that they expect to see evaluation of 100 billion dollars upon their public debut.

The company is likely to price their shares between the value of 48$ and 58$ per share at the very start of the public sale, in oppose to Lyft’s starting price of 72$ per share.

Uber was previously estimated at 120 billion dollars, however, the company appears to be undershooting, trying to avoid a case scenario where the price of shares would drop after the initial sale, which is why instead of going for estimates at 120 billion dollars, equal 11 times Uber’s reported revenue from 2018, the company will more likely go with 100 billion dollars, 9 times Uber’s revenue reported in 2018.

Additionally, Uber is already discussing share price targets in preparation for publicly filing their offer. Even though the ridesharing giant is said to be among 10 top IPOs of all times, on the list with companies such as Facebook and Alibaba, many investors are arguing that Uber’s estimate might be underpriced by 20 billion dollars or so.

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