CrowdStrike IPO – 5 Things You Should Know About CrowdStrike IPO

We can all clearly see how this cloud-based cybersecurity unicorn is ready to dig deeply into the 2019 IPO’s waters. The private investors claim how CrowdStrike IPO is now valued at amazing $3 billion!

Today, this security based company is ready to follow the spate of all those so-called unicorns which have already made a plan to join the public markets from Silicon Valley.

We were also able to see cybersecurity offerings slowing down this year, but don’t let that trick you. Continue reading and find some of the facts you need to know about CrowdStrike.

Stock Market News – CrowdStrike IPO – CrowdStrike Stock Price

1. They have planned from the very start. CrowdStrike was founded back in 2011. George Kurtz, company’s Chief Executive has told for MarketWatch how he planned everything from the very start and made such success because of which CrowdStrike was able to go public at literally any moment.

2. Class A and B shares. This cybersecurity company will offer A class shares and those who get it will have one vote, while those who get class B shares are already owned by more than 178 million stockholders.

3. Losses and revenues. It’s a fact how CrowdStrike has lost more than $140 million on revenue worth an incredible $249 million through the last year. Yet, they can now proudly say how subscription customers number has jumped to 2,516, which is double than in the previous year.

4. All that competition. Their main competitors are definitely Symantec Corp. and McAfee Inc.

5. Failures and revenues. When we take a look at the statistics from 2017, we can easily see how they had reported marketing costs and sales worth more than $53 million. That is definitely more than the revenue of $52 million that had 450 subscribers. These costs literally ate more than 88% of the revenue related to next year.

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