Beyond Meat 2019 IPO Date, Valuation, Share Price, and Future Forecast: Is Beyond Meat IPO Profitable?

The company that works on producing and manufacturing “meatless meat”, designed to taste, cook and look like the real deal, resembling the taste of ground beef, pork and poultry, Beyond Meat, is said to go public in May 2019, joining the increasing trend of IPOs.

It appears that the trend of going vegan is growing in California as more people are turning to meatless alternatives when it comes to cooking their burgers and flipping the Sunday barbeque.

This is probably the main reason why Beyond Meat decided to go public, preparing their IPO for May 2019, and representing another unicorn with its IPO evaluation.

Beyond Meat IPO Valued at 1.2 Billion Dollars

Beyond Meat is estimated at 1.2 billion dollars for the upcoming IPO, with a clear plan to go public already in the second quarter of 2019.

The company scheduled their IPO debut for May, which is when Uber, the ridesharing giant valued between 90 and 100 billion should also go forward with the public debut.

Based on the number of shares and the share price estimated for the opening sale, the company is planning on raising 184 million dollars with the initial offer.

Beyond Meat IPO 2019 Share Price and Estimates

While the market of plant-based meat is said to be able to reach 35 billion dollars in capitalization in the following years, Beyond Meat appears to have a bright future installed.

The company plans to offer their shares at the price range between 19$ and 21$.

In the meanwhile, MarketsandMarkets estimated that the company could take a share of the market that could easily grow from 4.6 billion in 2018 to 6.4 billion generated in 2023.

 Beyond Meat IPO: How Profitable is Investing in Beyond Meat in 2019?

The company submitted their IPO filings back in November 2018 where Beyond Meat stated the revenue of 16.2 million dollars generated in 2016, referring to the increased revenues only two years later as the company saw 87.9 million dollars in 2018.

Beyond Meat also reported 29.9 million dollars in losses in 2018, however, the company stated that the loss was attributed to investing in innovation, which should pay off in the long run.

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