Auxly Cannabis Group (CBWTF) (XLY) Performance: Is Auxly a Buy or Sell? Auxly Shares Future Forecast

Auxly Cannabis group is a cannabis business located in Canada with operations both in Uruguay and Canada with various operations and different services in the chain value of the industry of cannabis.

The company went public through IPO, however, ever since, Auxly share price has been going down persistently with occasional ups.

This could be the case because cannabis industry is still a subject of regulatory speculations, even though it is considered that the sector of cannabis is rather profitable.

Auxly Cannabis Group Financial Report

Auxly published the full year report on the company’s financials on March 29th, 2019, which also included the first quarter report.

Based on the report, Auxly had total revenues of 743 million dollars concluded with December 31st, 2018, with net losses for the shareholders set at 66,988 for the same time period.

In oppose to net losses concluded with December 2018, December 2017 saw net loss of 18,177, down by 269% when compared to net losses for December 2018 and a change by 48,811 in the period of 12 months.

Total assets concluded with December 2018 is 460,818, increased from 92,527 in December 2017.

Auxly Shares Historical Performance and Share Price Estimates

Earnings per share of Auxly Cannabis Group are set at -0.11$ at this point, concluded with May 16th as the share closed at 0.60$.

The highest share price for Auxly was 1.26$ within the 52-week range, while the lowest is recorded at 0.59$. The market cap of Auxly is recording 356.13 million dollars with an average trading volume of 1.22 million shares.

Based on historical performance where Auxly lost -9.35% YTD, 2 analysts following the progress of Auxly share provided their opinion on the future forecast for the cannabis company’s shares.

Based on the two analysts’ reports, Auxly is ranked as “buy” with an average target price of 1.55$ per share.

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