Palantir IPO 2019: Should You Invest in the Data Mining Unicorn Palantir? Palantir Share Price Information, Date, and Estimates- Sun May 26

Co-founded by the creator of PayPal, Peter Thiel, back in 2003, Palantir since then became perhaps one of the most promising companies in the sector of data mining.

While it is said that the majority of clients of Palantir company are actually government agencies, such as West Point, Marines, and the Air Force, Palantir also signed a 222 million-dollars contract with SOCOM back in 2016.

As the IPO trend is still booming among tech companies, recent and those with a history longer than a decade, are aiming to present their offers in 2019 as well, with Palantir being one of the tech companies preparing IPO.

Palantir IPO Date: When Will Palantir Go Public?

The exact date of Palantir IPO is yet to be determined and announced, however, what is known by far is that the Big Data company is planning to present their public offer in the second half of 2019 and latest by the end of the year.

In the meanwhile, Palantir engineers are said to be planning a protest against the board of the company, while the protest could take place by the end of the week, between May 17th and May 19th.

Palantir IPO Valuation and Estimates

Palantir is easily one of the biggest IPOs that 2019 could see by the end of the year with 41 billion in estimated value.

The co-founder and the creator of PayPal, Thiel, believes that the company’s value stands at around 20 billion dollars based on the overall outcome of private funding rounds.

However, according to some banks and investors, the company is looking at valuations from as “low” as 4.4 billion to 14 and 41 billion dollars.

Palantir Share Price Information

What is known by far is that Palantir decided to cut the share price for employee stock options, making the share price available at as low as 6$ per share.

Based on the share price designed for employee options, the company’s value would be 11 billion dollars.



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