Beyond Meat IPO 2019: Everything You Need to Know About Beyond Meat Before its Official Debut

Beyond Meat is yet another talked-about company planning on going public with their initial public offer in 2019.

The company is focused on creating, designing and manufacturing alternatives for meat, by producing meatless beef and poultry, which appears to be driving interest towards Beyond Meat.

As Beyond Meat is preparing for their IPO, here is everything you need to know about it before the company officially offers public shares.

Beyond Meat IPO and an Impressive Revenue Growth: Profitability Still Absent

Beyond Meat definitely showed some impressive revenue growth within the short period of time since the company started out, also managing a huge potential for growing internationally.

However, the company is yet to become profitable, and just as the majority of tech IPOs, Beyond Meat is still not showing solid profitability, although the potential the company has is more than solid.

Whole Foods Market and Amazon the Stepping Stone for Beyond Meat Sales

One of advantages that Beyond Meat definitely has as a growing business is the fact that Whole Foods Market, a well-known chain of grocery stores, started to sell Beyond Meat products.

This arrangement continued even after Amazon bought Whole Foods Market, so Beyond Meat products are still being sold across Whole Foods store.

Beyond Meat is Preparing New Products and Investing in Innovation and Development

The company focused on vegan and vegetarian customers, is also working on investing in new products, while each of these novelties should be presented at least one product per year with many products in queue.

Beyond Meat spent 9.6 million dollars on products and innovation, which is more than 10% of the generated revenue.

After the IPO, it is presumed that the company would spend between 50 to 60 more million dollars on testing and designing their products, with the idea to create a true alternative to meat.


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