Oil and Gas IPOs 2019: Brigham Minerals IPO Might Trigger a New Wave of IPOs from Oil and Gas Sector

Brigham Minerals filed for their initial public offer in 2019, after which the company went public with an aim to collect 233 million dollars through their IPO.

The company started at the price between 15$ and 18$ per share, but it soon jumped to 20$ per share, indicating that more companies from the sector of oil and gas could soon join the market.

Brigham Minerals IPO: 90% of Shares Went to Institutional Investors

As Brigham Minerals is working on managing oil and gas royalty interest and as such is attracting a certain group of investors, the majority of shares, up to 90%, went to institutional investors.

This oil and gas company is also backed by private equity firms such as Yorktown Partners, Pine Brook Road, and Warburg Pincus, while the bid made by Chevron significantly raised the stakes for Brigham Minerals on April 17th when the company went for a public debut.

Brigham Minerals Giving Hope to Oil and Gas Sector in Terms of IPO Debut

During the recent years, many companies from the oil and gas sector announced going public, however, only few have actually reached the stock market with IPO debuts, among which is Brigham Minerals.

The IPO of the company is considered a success two weeks later, presuming that the more companies from the sector should follow the trend.

Brigham Minerals Not an Average Company from Oil and Gas Sector

Since Brigham Minerals is not an average company you get to see in the sector, as it does not own oil or gas but rather owns oil and gas interest, it is supposed that a part of its success during IPO debut may be attributed to this fact.

It is expected to see more companies from the sector following the example of Brigham Minerals regarding IPO debut.


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