Bitcoin (BTC) as The Best Investment of The Year 2019 As Mainstream Press Crowns

Bitcoin was not the only crypto to experience a disastrous 2018. WSJ revealed that, 87% of all assets experienced a drop down at the end of 2018. This includes bonds, commodities, stocks and credit markets. However, there was a great recovery almost throughout the board in April 2019.

In case, you’ve not been observant, Bitcoin has been showing great signs and virtues. It’s better than both gold and Apple stock; In fact 30% of young adults prefer Bitcoin to stocks.

The market dominance of Bitcoin cannot be disputed and already it is worth about 720,000,000% more than its initial price. No other asset can give these great returns.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)

Bitcoin (BTC) News Today: Some Investors still doubt the Strength of Bitcoin

There are still investors out there that are not bothered by the record-breaking bounceback of Bitcoin. This time, they aren’t just wary of Bitcoin, what they are more concerned about is the correlation between almost all markets. Analysts are worried because a high 90% of asset classes follow the stock market pattern. As they all function in a similar fashion, how then will your investment portfolio be a diversified offsetting risk across asset classes?

It is generally believed that Bitcoin has no inter-relationship of any sort with the stock market. However, this recent data seems to prove otherwise.

Investors that strongly believe the rally will not stop might be shocked at the end of the day. Existing monetary policy, as well as trade agreements, may change soon, which could send markets into a tailspin once again.

The Performance of Bitcoin cannot be disregarded

Whatever the case may be, with this mainstream publication that has taken Bitcoin to the front and center as the asset with the greatest performance cannot be undermined.

We might not be completely free from the bear market, however, Bitcoin overshadowing all other assets is not something any Wall Street investor should disregard.

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