Could Bitcoin’s Greatest Mystery Be Revealed Soon?

Bitcoin has its own mysteries, exactly the same way most users will never understand how it works. But the most fascinating and longest standing is the identity of Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Where is Satoshi? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

According to a tweet, Satoshi hinted that he/she may know McAfee, which goes in line with McAfee’s claim to know Satoshi. McAfee has challenged us to;

“Unmask me if you can.”

Bitcoin (BTC) News Today – What did Satoshi tweet?

It seems GotSatoshi hasn’t got unpleasant things to say for him/herself. The first tweet talked about the #ageofthegeek, making reference to the Avengers movie, Game of Thrones and Bitcoin market cap. A couple of days later, Gotsatoshi found out all ‘inspirational quote’ as regards his belief in the ‘strong vision’ that was Bitcoin.

A tweet mentioned that the BTC cash miner placing ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ into blocks was not real. Why should you mine BCH, when you have got more than 900,000 BTC? GotSatoshi added that currency devaluation is something he/she leaves to the big banks.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Got Satoshi

According to some people, this is all just PR for Concensus 2019. While the countdown time finishes right in the middle of the second day, we might anticipate a little more content from a planned PR campaign.

Last month, McAfee claimed that he would release some information about Satoshi’s identity until he reveals himself. McAfee clearly doesn’t have problems about Satoshi’s gender, so he might know his true identity.

McAfee pulled back from his ‘revealing’ offer, presumably on his legal team’s advice, this could be his way of revealing the truth without saying anything.

Is it really Satoshi? If it is, we will definitely know the truth next Tuesday. The meta tags on the website which says programmer, inventor, genius, maverick, do not appear to be like what you would describe yourself as.

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