Invest on 5G Wireless Technology and ETF

Paul Dellaquila, ETF Global Head at Defiance urges business to prioritize investing in wireless technology, specifically on fifth-generation technology or 5G wireless technology and ETF related stocks.

A UN group International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has established the set of standards for 5G technology. Customer should benefit on a minimum of 20 gigabits per second download speed. It should also have an ultra-fast connection ability of at least 1 million per one square kilometer. Lastly, 5G has an impressive “latency” or response time of 1 millisecond. There’s no doubt 5G will change the future of our lifestyle, transportation, and communication.

5G wireless technology is an emerging business giant. Major telecommunications companies already started investing and offering 5G services to few areas for now. For example, Verizon gives 5G service in some areas of Chicago and Minneapolis since April. AT&T offers it for trial in 19 cities while Sprint is set to launch it in nine cities by end of this quarter.

Apple’s number one rival Samsung was among the first phone manufacturers to use 5G on smartphones. With Apple’s legal dispute with Qualcomm which lasted for years finally ended recently, Apple users can expect 5G in iPhones by 2020.

Among the first investors to research and develop 5G technology are Defiance Next Gen Connectivity ETF, CommScope, Xilinx, and Skyworks.

5G Wireless Technology Changes Everything

People would think 5G is only for faster internet speed which will enhance video streaming, gaming, and downloading. However, this technology can impact and enhance our daily lives than we could ever imagine.

5G will pave the way for self-driving cars which can minimize fatal accidents. It can also be used for virtual or augmented reality projects which will boost entertainment, gaming industry. It can even advance medicine for simulated medical procedures. One company who has a head start for virtual realities using 5G is Defiance Future ETF.

When it comes to cellular technologies, China’s tech giant Huawei leads as it set to launch first 5G TV and $600 5G smartphone later this year.

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