Microsoft Wants to Work on Elections Security and Political Campaigns

Microsoft, a well-known tech giant wants to expand its areas of work. Just at the beginning of May 2019, Microsoft came up with the idea to secure the elections. Their idea revolves around ElectionGuard, an open-source software development kit, that in Microsoft’s hopes, should live to see the lights of the day.

What is ElectionGuard?

Microsoft made the software open-source on purpose. They want the developers to integrate it into existing voting systems. It’s not meant to replace the systems that already work but just offer guidance and means of building a more secure voting system.

When will developers be able to get ElectionGuard? Well, Microsoft stated that it could happen in the summer. ElectionGuard’s SDK will be released on GitHub.

Microsoft 365 For Campaigns?

The company is soon launching Microsoft 365 for Campaigns. This software bundle aims to make political operations easier, as it is the case with the business operations. Microsoft plans to bundle its security offerings with Windows and Office 365. Furthermore, the company announced that it will be released in June 2019. As Microsoft states, the software will be affordable and flexible, in order to adapt to different environments campaigns often face.

Are Political Campaigns Willing to Spend Money on Security?

Absolutely. It’s in politicians’ interest to make the campaign as secure as possible. Microsoft’s AccountGuard software for national attacks warnings and threat detection is the main influence for such product. We must admit that it’s a bit uncommon for Microsoft to take such measures. But, we’re also convinced that there will be a lot of political campaigns willing to spend money on security.

Russia’s widespread hacking is what many politicians are referring to. This incident brought a shadow of a doubt in 2016. This event made politicians care more about the security, which might let Microsoft prosper in the following elections. Source: engadget

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