Uber IPO Should Be the Biggest IPO Since Facebook Debuted in 2012: Beyond Meat (BYND) the Biggest IPO in 2019 By Far

Uber is one of the 15 announced IPOs that are supposed to become publicly traded companies, among which are six biotech companies looking forward to debuting in the stock market.

Lyft (LYFT), a ridesharing company and the main challenger to Uber, went public at the end of March, however, Lyft didn’t get the attention the company was hoping to get, which is why LYFT is trading below its opening price of 72$ per share.

Moreover, Uber is set to become the biggest IPO since Alibaba (BABA) launched their IPO in 2014 and Facebook (FB) in 2012.

Uber IPO: Uber Could Be the Biggest IPO Since Facebook and Alibaba

Uber is planning on going public on May 9th alongside 14 more companies that are set to launch their public offers on the same day, on Thursday.

This week should be more than busy, and moreover exciting, as Uber IPO is valued between 90 billion and 100 billion dollars, previously evaluated at 120 billion dollars.

The initial plan for the opening sale that Uber has is to start at the price range between 47$ and 55$ per share.

That way, Uber will be able to raise around 9 billion dollars within the opening trade.

 Beyond Meat (BYND) By Far the Biggest IPO in 2019

As Wall Street watchdogs are waiting for Uber IPO, Beyond Meat (BYND) became a publicly traded company at the beginning of May 2019, also taking a title of the biggest IPO of 2019 by far.

Beyond Meat, a company looking to acquire the majority of market share in the sector of alternatives to meat products, managed to rise by 163% within its opening trade.

The company opened the trade at the share price of 25$, soon touching 46$ at the very beginning of the initial sale.

The market value of Beyond Meat is thus set at 3.77$.


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