Bitcoin’s Price of $100,000 Will Kill Every Cryptocurrency by 2021

At the time of its inception, Bitcoin was way more popular than it is now. In 2019, its value of $5658 isn’t as impressive as it was before. Just for the reference, the highest Bitcoin value was at around $16,000. However, a well-known company Heisenberg Capital says that it will double down on Bitcoin Maximalism with the new capital. Heisenberg Capital said with confidence that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 price target soon.

Will Every Cryptocurrency Die?

Kraken, ShapeShift, and Bitfinex are just some of the companies that believe that there will be no future altcoins. Even the best performing coins like Ethereum, BNB, and XRP will be rejected by the market, as they say. For Heisenberg’s founders, Stacey Herbert an Max Keiser, Bitcoin maximalism is a long-held philosophy, which is the main motivation for further investments.

Will that make every cryptocurrency die? Not exactly. Heisenberg’s tweet triggered a whole lot of disagreements, saying that in 2017, Bitcoin fell out of the top 10 performers in the crypto world. Although other cryptocurrencies aren’t as expensive as Bitcoin, they manage to overtake Bitcoin by far, and that trend continues in 2019.

Some rejectors even said that it would be like saying that Google will be the only remaining company and everything else will die.

Bitcoin (BTC) News Today – Bitcoin’s Path to $100,000

Max Keiser once again says that Bitcoin will quickly surge to $100,000 and that this surge will be driven by a supply stock. Again, it’s a really bold claim, having in mind the sub-$6,000 value of the cryptocurrency. But, Keiser backed up his claim by mentioning the total amount of Bitcoin – 21 million. Once this supply comes to an end, the gold rush will begin, as Keiser states.

This theory can only be tested in 2020 when the Bitcoin output will chop in half. Keiser also has a short-term prediction of $28,000, which is yet to be seen. Until 2020, we can only hope that Keiser is right. And if he is, investors will have something to look forward. Source: CCN

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