Top 5 Gold Investments – Investing In Gold Is A Smart Idea

If you’re looking to invest in more than stocks, investing in gold might be a smart idea. While it’s not cheap as some stocks, this kind of investment could bring you more cash than some stocks would.

Stock Market News Today – Top 5 picks for gold investments – Best Gold Investments

1. 1oz Britannia Coin

For investors looking to benefit from the Capital Gains Tax-Free status, 1oz gold Britannia is a must-invest. Investors looking to invest a solid amount of money into gold, the company offers a fine balance between cost and flexibility. Buying tax-free British coins is the cheapest with Britannia.

Before 2013, Gold Britannia produced 22-carat purity gold. Since then, the quality is at 24 carats, which is one of the best out there.

2. 100g Gold Bar

The experienced investors know that investing in a 100g gold bar is a good move. As such, the bars of this size, are the most popular. They offer flexibility and a good price-value ratio. Speaking of price, it’s anywhere between 10k to 50k dollars, so it’s not for everyone. Investors looking to invest a lot but also prosper a lot should go for 100g gold bars.

3. Gold Sovereign

Once again, we’re talking about British coins. Gold sovereign coin stands as one of the most popular gold coins at the moment. They’re Capital Gains Tax-Free and offer a fair share of flexibility. With the unit size of 7.98 grams and 24-carat purity, a gold sovereign coin is great for those looking to invest less than $1,000.

4. 1oz Gold Bar

1oz gold bar is a great investment for those who want tax-free profit. As such, it is the most popular with smaller investors. The 1oz gold bar is very popular as it’s very easy to sell and store, due to its smaller size. Of course, we’re talking about 24-carat gold bars, as they offer the best value for the money.

5. 1oz Krugerrand

Krugerrand comes from the South African Mint and is one of the most popular international coins. It’s easy to buy, sell, and store, due to the small size. It’s also a very cheap 1oz coin and the investment in Krugerrand isn’t going to cost you more than $1,000.┬áSource: Bullionbypost

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