75% Bexplus Traders in Profits When Bitcoin Hovering Around $7,900

As the price of Bitcoin hovers around $7,900, 3 in 4 Bexplus traders are profiting. Many traders can earn a lot of Bitcoin from using the Bexplus app. In addition, the growing influx of new cryptocurrency users demonstrates that the Bitcoin market is stronger than ever and provides a host of profitable opportunities.

Despite the popularity and growth potential, some people are nervous to try trading cryptocurrency. Some may even feel discouraged by the trading process and the depreciation of their Bitcoins. These people desire a low-risk and passive way to increase their Bitcoin. That’s where Bexplus, a diversified Cryptocurrency Exchange, comes into play. Bexplus provides users with tools to actively and passively earn Bitcoins.

What is Bexplus?

Bexplus is a world-leading derivative platform in cryptocurrency area, which aims at providing advanced financial services to global investors of futures trading by using blockchain technology. Bexplus provides secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading services via multi-signature encrypted cold wallet, distributed server, anti-DDOS protection system and more technologies.

At present, Bexplus offers perpetual contracts on BTC, ETH, LTC futures trading with up to 100x leverage, and more altcoins futures will be listed in the platform in the future. Bexplus firmly believes that blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency, will bring a significant impact on the global economy, in particular, futures market. We commit to developing blockchain and cryptocurrency futures trading and strive to improve customers experience in the cryptocurrency futures market.

Bexplus provides a friendly trading environment and operating system for its users. This helps them become more familiar with cryptocurrency and Bexplus, which enables them to begin trading immediately. Additionally, all Bexplus users are privy to market information and trading tips from our exclusive investment consultant. This will improve users’ knowledge and make them better traders.

How Does it Work?

There are two different ways you can profit by using Bexplus:

1. Bexplus features an upgraded wallet function that will help users improve the savings account functionality. With this function, you can accrue significant interest on your Bitcoin without having to trade any Bitcoins. Who doesn’t love to earn more money by saving money? With Bexplus, this possibility becomes a reality.

2. Bexplus also offers a referral commission bonus through their new referral system. With this referral system, you can earn up to a 50% commission bonus. This is a specific referral qualification link that is granted to you through Bexplus’ customer service. Once it’s activated by customer service, you can share your code to earn your commission.

Bexplus also focuses on futures trading in order for traders to earn profits in the bear market. As people trading the futures contracts, they have the right to use leverage to expand their profits. For example, Bexplus provides 100X leverage which can expand 1 bitcoin to 100 bitcoins. Traders who buy a long position bitcoin contract with 100X leverage by 1 bitcoin mean they have the power of 100 bitcoins. When the price goes up 1%, the contract contains the profit as 1 bitcoin. In reference to 1 bitcoin investment, the profit rate is 100%. It is the magical effect of Leverage. We welcome all at Bexplus to enjoy the experience.

What Else Can You Do on Bexplus?

Bexplus’ website provides many different activities that users can partake in, as well as a robust FAQ section. Here are a few of the activities you can use on the Bexplus website:

1. Bexplus BTC Wallet Upgrade—As mentioned before, Bexplus’ wallet upgrade can help users earn money passively. This wallet has been newly upgraded to allow you to safely deposit your Bitcoin to earn interest. One perk is that you can earn both interest and trading profit in this wallet. Here’s how it works:

a. Visit Bexplus’ customer service to confirm the qualification and profit range. Here’s how to contact them:

Facebook: Bexplusglobal
Telegram: Bexplusexchange
WhatsApp: +85267207454
Email: service@bexplus.com

b. The current annual interest rate is up to 72%. Bexplus will compute the interest every day (UTC-00:00:00)base to your Free capital (Balance+Floating Profit-Margin used). Bonus is not included.
c. Bexplus will issue interest to users’ accounts on the last day of each month.
d. The activity is regulated by platform rules and local laws. Bexplus hold the final explanation right of the activity.

2. Bexplus Cash Back—Who doesn’t like to earn cash back? This new Bexplus activity enables you to do just that. To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn a 100% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you can get. You can get up to 10 BTC as a bonus! Here’s how it works:

a. Users can apply Bonus by contacting our Bexplus Officials:

Facebook: Bexplusglobal
Telegram: Bexplusexchange
WhatsApp: +85267207454
Email: service@bexplus.com

b. The amount of the rewarded BTC will be displayed in the bonus system, which is not allowed to withdraw.
c. The BTC earned by the user using the bonus system will be displayed in the balance system, which will be able to withdraw.
d. When Account Value < Bonus * 150%, the system will notify users to make a Margin Call, if users do not make the Margin Call in time, the bonus may be reclaimed.
e. The maximize bonus can be 100% base to your deposit; For example, if users deposit 2BTC, they can get maximize 2BTC as Bonus.
f. If users trade in different token pairs, The trading tokens should be converted to BTC in the calculation.
g. For maliciously seeking gifts or cheating users, Bexplus has the right to dispose of its bonus and limit the withdrawal of the bonus. The Bexplus official has the final right to interpret the bonus activity.

3. Invitee commission—As mentioned before, you can earn money and rewards through your referrals. Here’s how it works:

a. Inviters have chance to get 10%-50% reward of each deposit from invitees.
b. Once an invitation is successful, both inviters and invitees will enjoy the trading privileges from Bexplus which lead 10% off for every transaction service charge.
c. Inviters will receive a referral reward instantly.
d. Inviters have to contact our customer service and leave your registered Email to activate the reward.
e. For every transaction is performed successfully by the invitee – despite any types of tokens, the commission will always be distributed in bitcoins.
f. We will not be responsible for missing, incorrect or repeated submission of invitation codes.
g. Commission activity should follow all the rules on the platform.


You can do many different activities on Bexplus to boost your cryptocurrency knowledge and wealth. For more information on Bexplus, contact their customer service!

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities.