For How Long Will Your Maternity Leave Last?

Whether you are already pregnant or planning on a baby, you are probably thinking about your maternity leave. How long will it last? Will you be able to cover all the costs of the newborn with just one salary? I know that you are worried, but the good thing is that you are thinking about it and trying to create the best possible plan. That is already half job done.

When it comes to the US, an average maternity leave which is unpaid lasts for 12 weeks (according to FMLA). The truth is, this period of time may sound great for new parents to get used to their life with a baby, but mothers are often not able to be absent from their jobs that long. Paid maternity leave mostly comes from private companies. When taking a look at the statistics from the previous year, we can easily see how 40% of employers provided paid maternity leaves. These also last for 12 weeks. Mothers can expect to get from $600 to $1200.

When it comes to the other parts of the world, you should know how more than 120 countries need to offer paid maternity leave. They also need to offer other health benefits. The approximate number of weeks that mothers get around the globe is even up to 28 weeks.

How can you prepare yourself and your family for this change? The best would be to review your budget before the delivery day. An emergency fund will also help you a lot. You are also able to talk with your employer about short-term disability insurance. Many of them offer it to new moms.


How is the situation with maternity leave in your country? Are you ready to start a ‘new life’ with your family? Do you think how mothers find it difficult to handle their budget after the baby arrives?

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