Top 10 Income Stocks 2019 – Collect Big Dividend Payments

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Many new and inexperienced investors scratch their head when it comes to high-dividend stocks. However, the general rule is that, if the stock yields 4% or more dividend, it’s considered a high-dividend stock.

In today’s era, a 4% dividend yield is considered high. It’s almost twice as high as the market’s dividend yield in 2019.

Stock Market News Today – Best 10 Income Stocks in 2019

1. Iron Mountain Incorporated (IRM)

One of the strongest companies in the real estate sector. Their dividend growth streak is currently at 8 years, with the dividend yield of 7%, which is considered very high.

2. Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP)

Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP) offers quite a substantial dividend yield of 6.6%. The company operates in the USA and Europe and is expected to continue its dividend growth streak of 6 years.

3. Enterprise Products Partners (EPD)

When it comes to the Oil and Gas Production, Enterprise Products Partners is a true giant in North America. Their dividend yield stands at 6% and they have an astonishing dividend growth streak of 20 years.

4. Magellan Midstream Partners (MMP)

Another company from the energy sector, Magellan Midstream Partners, offers a dividend yield of 6.4%. Their fee-based revenue will probably continue alongside their 16-year dividend growth streak.

5. AT&T (T)

AT&T is the largest telecom company in the world, enjoying the revenue of $160 billion annually. Their dividend yield is 6% and they’ve managed to increase the dividend throughout 35 years in a row.

6. Enbridge (ENB)

Enbridge is the largest midstream energy company in North America. Their dividend yield is slightly above 6% and lies at 5.8% in 2019. Since they operate with oil and gas in terms of storage and transportation, their revenue is increased due to the slight jump in oil prices.

7. Main Street Capital (MAIN)

Main Street Capital is an investment company founded in the mid-1990s. Their dividend yield is 6.1%, with the dividend safety score of 68, which is considered not too risky. The dividend growth streak is 7 years, which is respectable.

8. Altria Group (MO)

Altria Group is the largest tobacco company in the USA. With the dividend yield of 6% and 49 years of dividend growth streak, this is one of the safest stocks on the list.


Once again, a company from the energy sector. ONEOK sports a dividend yield of 5.1%, with the dividend growth streak of 16 years. In the USA, ONEOK stands firmly and their revenue slightly grew in 2019.

10. Philip Morris International (PM)

Philip Morris is a subsidiary of Altria Group and is founded back in 2008. Their dividend growth streak is slightly above 10 years (May 2019) and the dividend yield is 5.3%. Source: simplysafedividends

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