TRON TRX Partnership With Opera Browser

TRON’s TRX token will be added to the increasing list of digital currencies supported by Opera’s browser and as well as other TRC-standard tokens. The specific date for the collaboration is yet to be announced.

Opera develops both PC web browsers and mobile phone. Computer browsers are made available for Linux, Windows and macOS, while mobile browsers are made available for iOS devices and Android.

Opera collaborated with Ledger Capital in September 2018, in order to concentrate on blockchain technology initiative. Due to the collaboration between Opera and TRON, Opera has been supporting TRON.

Krystian Kolondra of Opera said that TRON is a well-known blockchain with a growing dApp ecosystem, maintaining that opening products to many blockchains helps to accelerate the mainstream adoption of Web 3.0.

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TRON’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun talked about Opera’s support of TRC-standard tokens. He revealed their happiness that a mainstream browser like Opera which has many users will now support TRX and other TRON tokens.

Opera is aimed at providing user-friendly Web 3.0 functionality to its users.  Of recent, Artificial Intelligence technology and discoverability apps have been the focus of Opera.

For the past several years, Opera has been in incorporation with blockchain technology. Opera browsers are recently in support of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens. Transactions on both networks can be performed through smart contract functionality.

Opera was the first browser to provide a native crypto wallet which came along with a web 3.0 explorer tool. At first, this technology was released on the mobile Android browser of Opera, but the Web 3.0 explorer and the crypto wallet have now been made available on Opera PC browser.

Web 3.0 is aimed at optimizing interactivity and communication, most especially within the sphere of commerce and financial transactions.

TRON, another company that has been dedicated to promoting technological innovation aimed at the widespread development of Web 3.0. The TRON Arcade now has more than 400 game-based dApps on its blockchain.

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