Best Materials Stocks in 2019: Top 3 Raw Materials Stocks to Invest in 2019

When looking for top returns, investors often search for innovative companies with revolutionary products and the cutting-edge leadership, which is no wonder considering the success that Apple Inc (APPL) had since it first appeared in the stock market.

However, sometimes the most stable profit returns can be found among businesses and companies that are crucial for the cycle of successful economy.

Material stocks are some of such stocks, which is why we have compiled a list of the top construction material stocks to invest in 2019.

Best Materials Stocks: CF Industry Holdings (CF)

CF Holdings is probably one of the biggest companies in the industry with clients such as fertilizer distributor, agriculture businesses, industrials and farmers alike.

The present yield of the company is set at 2.7%, while CF Industry Holdings pays its dividends regularly. The constant demand for crops and food is keeping the business going, while providing room for healthy growth.

Best Materials Stocks: RPM International (RPM)

RPM is an Ohio-based chemical company, operating with sealants and coatings for paint, waterproofing, fireproofing and more, while the company numerous services that matches the needs of various industries.

Combined with a wide range of products and services, this diversity creates a fertile soil for making a profit by investing in RPM in the long-run. The present yield of RMP is set at 2.5% with the company regularly paying dividends for 45 years already. RPM cap is 8 billion dollars.

Best Materials Stocks: BHP Group (BBL)

BHP Group is worth 180 billion dollars, operating with multiple types of ore, which includes lead, uranium, copper, silver, nickel, iron and zinc.

BHP thus became a crucial part of the US economy, focusing on mining and extraction of various metals, while BHP can see certainty in the growth of the company. As a consequence, BBL shares also represent one of the most attractive investments in the sector of raw materials.


Image Credit: Photo by Robby McCullough on Unsplash

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