“Perfect” Penny Stock to Own – Retire Rich On A $3 Stock

Alexander Green from the Oxford Club mentioned a “single stock retirement plan” which is a very interesting topic that raised a thousand questions. He says that this stock is able to deliver a multimillion-dollar retirement for just $3 – astonishing, isn’t it?

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Well, he mentioned some important stuff about this stock. They’re leaders in the cutting-edge technology and their products are used by millions of customers. This company also pays a huge dividend and its stock should have catalysts, which means the upcoming announcement that could drive the share price by a significant margin. This is why this stock needs to remain secret.

The investors and analysts see this idea as silly. Paying just $3 and earning millions in the future? Sounds too good to be true. Alexander Green mentioned that this stock doesn’t trade in a normal way. It’s actually not on a US exchange thus we have a reason for a secret name.

More Concise Info

As the investors were more and more intrigued, they wanted more concise info… which they eventually got. Green said that the company signed a contract to build eight different motherboards for Intel, as well as AMD. The company also builds LCD screens for Sharp, in an $8.8 billion production plan.

With all this in mind, several analysts figured out which company it is – a Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn. It’s the largest contract manufacturer in the world and the largest private employer in China.

Why The Secret Name?

In Shenzhen, there is a massive Foxconn City which has more than 200,000 workers. However, this is just the name that we use to call it. It’s founded under the name Hon Hai Precision Industry and in Taiwan, it’s still listed under that name.

The stock might as well be worth your dime. This is not the first time that analysts predict huge success for this company but we still need thorough research before investing in this stock. Source: stockgumshoe

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