Buy These 10 Stocks – Under $15 With High Dividends

Investors often like to buy relatively cheap stocks that have a significant dividend yield. This is great when it works but often, it’s quite a risky move. Cheap stocks usually don’t have a big dividend yield but we made a list of a couple of below-$15 stocks with high dividend yields.

Stock Market News – Top 10 Stocks – The Best 10 Stocks

1. Capital Finance (CPTA)

Capital Finance comes with a very high dividend yield of 11.56%. This is a company that provides capital to smaller companies, with average funding ranging from $10 to $50 million. The diversity is their strength, as they own stakes in companies from biotech, industrial, retailing, and much more. The stock costs around $10 in May 2019 and for that price, this is a pretty hefty deal.

2. Nokia (NOK)

Nokia, once a mobile phone giant, is back at it again, albeit at a slightly lower level. Sure, the company can’t keep up with Apple or Samsung but Nokia has a pretty competitive line of phones in 2019. Nokia moved to network services recently, which brought up their revenue, with the company’s worth at $30 billion. The company has stable cash flow and approximately $5 billion in cash on hand. The current dividend yield in May 2019 stands at 4.2%.

3. Prospect Capital Corp. (PSEC)

Prospect Capital is a business development company that specializes in financing enterprises and investment. This stock costs a little under $7 and boasts a dividend yield of 9.5%, which is a FANTASTIC deal. The company has its roots in the middle-market companies, where it does later stage financing, bridge transactions, and turnarounds. The result of their hard work is diversified revenue, which results in generous dividends.

4. United Microelectronics Corp (UMC)

UMC is a semiconductor manufacturer that has a steady cash flow in the ever-growing semiconductor market. This industry is very dynamic and with the growing needs of different tech companies, it continues to expand at a rapid rate. UMC is a middle-sized company, which makes it attractive for long-term investors as it has a dividend yield of 4.2%. Source: money.usnews

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