Which Software Stocks to Invest In? Best Software Stocks in 2019 – Top 3 Software Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2019

Software stocks are some of the rare stocks that are actually showcasing bullish behavior in otherwise bearish year of 2019.

At the same time Software and Services S&P 500 jumped by 20% in the period from April 2018 and April 2019, while the same sector has 390% increase since the low Software and Services hit back in 2010.

Needless to say, Software stocks are perhaps some of the most profitable to buy and hold in 2019.

Here are top 3 software stocks to consider investing in 2019.

Best Software Stocks: FireEye (FEYE)

Some time back, FireEye struggled to generate positive revenue and increase net income, while the company was also spending a lot of money on acquisitions. Simultaneously and as a consequence, FireEye stocks traded down in the long-run.

However, it appears that acquisitions paid off in the long-run as well, as FireEye started to show signs of a bullish return.

While FireEye lost 0.16$ per share during 2018, it is expected to see FEYE stocks jump by 0.03$, additionally expecting more rises in 2020.

Best Software Stocks: Adobe Systems (ADBE)

Adobe Systems is a well-known name in the sector of software stocks, however, there is more to Adobe than Photoshop.

Adobe offers a cloud-based business and marketing management tools, which is driving their revenue up with increases in continuous fashion. Adobe is recording increases in revenue since mid-2014, and as it appears, for a good reason.

Best Software Stocks: Oracle (ORCL)

Yes, Oracle had some rough times lately, although the company still undeniably represents a magnum in the sector of database and software-oriented sector.

Revenues are rising and the company is managing to keep a certain level of stability in earnings, while Oracle also reported 3% increase in sales in the period from May 2018 to May 2019.

However, stocks are not doing that well with touching 52-week low after June quarterly earnings report. What needs to be noted in this situation is that Oracle is in the middle of transition, having analysts believe that shareholders will get to see improvements with BYOL and IaaS.

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