Which Telecom Stocks to Invest In? Best Telecom Stocks in 2019 – Top 3 Telecom Stocks to Buy and Hold

Investors who may be looking for high returns that as a consequence usually go hand in hand with higher risks, investing in tech stocks and companies that operate with AI for example, easily becomes a viable option.

While AI is still catching on as a trend among stock investors, other investors may be on the lookout for more stable investments, although with modest returns at most times.

Telecom stocks, although not extremely profitable or popular, may represent a safe harbor for investors who are looking to back their portfolio with more stable returns.

Here are some of the top telecom stocks to consider investing in 2019.

Best Telecom Stocks: Verizon (VZ)

Talking about safe investing and stable returns, Verizon, which is one of the leading mobile service providers in the market, pays 4.3 dividend yield, while VZ stock showed to be rather steady.

When it comes to investing in a stable stock that should provide profit returns in the long-run, Verizon stock might be a cup of tea of every investor looking to back their portfolio with a semi-predictable stock.

Verizon has a wireless division, also working on fiber-optic services and implementation of 5G network.

Best Telecom Stocks: AT&T (T)

AT&T is far from the best telecom stocks with barely keeping the stock price above 52-week lows for some time now. The reason behind the supposed demise of AT&T stocks has everything to do with acquisitions that the company have made in the past few years.

AOL-Time and DIRECTV are definitely not making it easier for this telecom company. However, the lows may be the opportunity to buy T stocks at low and make profit in the long-run through dividends as AT&T is considered to be at the lowest with the potential of rebounding.

Even though the company cut the dividends by 50%, investors can collect 6% dividend payments on annual basis aside from harvesting the potential profit of the predicted rebound.

Best Telecom Stocks: China Mobile (CHL)

Although investing in China Mobile may be a bit riskier than investing in other telecom stocks due to the location of the company. However, you should note that China Mobile is operating in the market that is worth 200 billion dollars with 900 million users – the biggest number of users in the world actually.

China Mobile is paying 4.33% in dividends, although it still represents a risk due to the lack of transparency in financial reports.   


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