Disney Just Bought Out And Can Now Control Streaming Site Hulu

Disney has been making headlines over the last decade. Not only does Disney now own Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and Fox, but they are now nearly completely in control of the streaming site Hulu. Hulu has had a streak of competitiveness with another widely popular movie and tv-show streaming site, Netflix. Disney has been looking for a way in, and just recently, Tuesday, they were able to buy a stake from Hulu.

Disney has Convinced Comcast To Sell Stake on Hulu

Comcast has recently agreed to sell it’s 33% stake on Hulu. But relax! While this may sound terrifying as Disney seems to have taken control of many large companies, the exchange won’t happen for another five years!

Disney recently announced it’s new streaming service that would have Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel movies. This has led people to fear what will happen to other streaming sites that offer original shows, like Hulu and Netflix.

Disney is Slowly Begining to Offer Bundles and Packages

Now that Disney is becoming a power name in the stock market and business eyes, they are starting to offer and introduce bundles and packages. These bundles and packages feature Hulu, Pixar, and Disney related movies, as well as the addition of ESPN+ according to Axios.

Disney Executives gush about the possibilities

As mentioned above, Disney has a streaming strategy that will come into effect in the next five years. Disney executives have been staking for Hulu and hoping that the sale would go through. Now that Comcast has agreed to sell its share of the company, Disney will be the majority.

Hulu has adult content that while it does not fit Disney’s image, Disney has noticed the popularity and wanted some of it. The Handmaidens tale is one original show grabbing the attention of executives for Disney.

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