Qualcomm Incorporated Expected to Strenghen Stock Prices by Surpassing The Huwei Trade Ban

Qualcomm stocks have increased in prices, making buyers of QCOM happy. There are some concerns for Future predictions such as; the current United States ban.

The president of the United States signed an executive order that is now in play. The president signed an order that declared a national emergency among trading with nations that posed a possible threat.

Qualcomm Incorporates Stocks are currently Fluctuation

As soon as the President targeted companies coming from possible threatening countries, the stock decreased and dropped.

Since then the Qualcomm incorporated stock has fluctuated in prices. Before trading hours there was a +1.47% increase and after trading ho5:31 PM of 5:31PM, there was a decrease of 0.06%.

Huawei is Now Being Banned due to Executive Order

A very well known Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, Huawei has been listed under a list of entities that are ineligible to receive any item without the government approval according to Yahoo news.

Huawei has now begun producing and exchanging 5G networks, surprising technology enthusiasts all over the world. One way to get out of the executive order is to apply for a license, which Qualcomm Incorporate is planning on doing.

Stock exchange experts and analysts see no problem with this as Qualcomm has enough power and is willing to apply for a license to trade and do business with Chinese and foreign company and producers such as Huawei.

Future QCOM predictions and current QCOM stock prices

As of now, QCOM Incorporations stocks have fluctuated throughout this week. With the executive order, the future of this stock is unpredictable. If the company is allowed to trade and do business with the 5G producers Huawei, the stocks may increase in price with positive news.

If the news is negative, such as the inability to get a working license then the stocks may plunge and decrease.

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