Who Needs A Financial Advisor?

Close up of the hand of a businessman displaying a card reading - Financial advisor - as he removes it from the pocket of his jacket in a conceptual image.

A financial advisor is a term that covers experts who work with clients to advise and help them manage their finances; this includes investment management and financial planning. A financial advisor can be valuable for many investors, but not everyone requires an advisor. Here is the kind of people that might benefit from hiring a financial advisor.

Busy people

Busy executives, professionals, and business owners could benefit from hiring a competent financial expert to offer assistance ranging from ongoing financial planning and investment advice to one-time financial review. Though you might have the intellectual competence to be your own financial advisor, but you may not have the objectivity or the time required to carry out this task.

People nearing retirement

Nearing retirement is usually a motivation for people to engage the service of a financial advisor. Often, these people have been advising themselves financially over the years, but now they need an outside perspective to ensure they are on the right track towards having a comfortable retirement. At this point, you may benefit from contacting a financial advisor as issues related to investing may get complicated.

Newly single folks

Newly single folks as a result of the death of a spouse or divorce might benefit from engaging a financial advisor, particularly if they are not involved in dealing with their financial matters during the marriage. In the case of the death of a spouse, some of the financial issue you can deal with include retirement plan accounts, life insurance, and the loss of spouse income. With a divorce, on the other hand, it can make sense to hire a financial advisor during the process.

In conclusion

There is no easy answer to the type of person that will require a financial advisor. Instead, it revolves around a person’s personality or situation. For instance, a successful and busy doctor might seem like the perfect person to engage a financial advisor.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities.