CrowdStrike Could Be Bigger Than These Cybersecurity IPOs – Palo Alto Networks, FireEye and Carbon Black IPO vs CrowdStrike

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CrowdStrike is preparing to take a dive into the market of cybersecurity stocks, going public with the IPO class of 2019. As the cybersecurity unicorn is getting ready for the public debut, CrowdStrike could be bigger than former IPOs from the sector.

With estimates set at 3.4 billion dollars, and a potential for CrowdStrike to touch a market cap value of 4.59 billion dollars, CrowdStrike IPO could be bigger than Palo Alto Networks, FireEye and Carbon Black that previously went public in 2012, 2013 and 2018.

CrowdStrike IPO vs Palo Alto Networks (PANW)

Operating in the cybersecurity sector, Palo Alto Networks went public back in 2012, a year before CrowdStrike even came up with their top security product, Falcon.

Palo Alto started under the thicker PANW, opening the sale at 42$ compared to the target set by CrowdStrike ranging between 19$ and 23$ per share. Additionally, Palo Alto was valued at 2.8 billion at its IPO, whereas CrowdStrike currently weighs 3.4 billion dollars in IPO estimates.

Palo Alto raised 260.4 million dollars during IPO sale, selling 6.2 million shares.

CrowdStrike IPO vs FireEye (FEYE)

FireEye is another cybersecurity company that had a public debut before CrowdStrike, but still makes a competitor in the market. FireEye went public back in 2013, at a share price of 20$ per share as the opening price.

The company managed to raise 303.5 million dollars with selling over 15.17 million shares on the first-day sale. The initial estimated value on IPO was set at 2.3 billion dollars.

CrowdStrike IPO vs Carbon Black (CBLK)

Carbon Black (CBLK) had a rather favorable first-day trade, initially priced at 19$ per share ahead of IPO debut, while the lower end of CrowdStrike share price target is presently set at 19$ with a high end of 23$ per share.

Carbon Black shares surged on the very first day, back in Q1 2018 when the company went public, having an intraday high of 25$ and a surge by 26%. After the IPO first day sale, the company scored a market cap of 1.6 billion dollars, while CrowdStrike recorded an estimate between 3.4 billion and 4.59 billion dollars ahead of its IPO.



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