Beyond Meat Stock Future Forecast: 3 Reasons Why This Plant-Based Meat Substitute Company is Declining

The increase of vegetarian and vegan diets have led to more and more plant-based meat substitute companies to open. Beyond Meat just recently was able to produce their own ‘burger’ that is selling in grocery stores nationwide. It is noted as being very popular among individuals who are on a primarily plant-based diet.

This feat is not a small one, so why are Beyond Meats stocks doing terribly?

1. Current Stock Price Numbers

The future constant decrease in Beyond Meats stocks has a lot to do with their numbers now. I took a look at the stock price charts and the color was a magnificent red highlighting the decline in points and percentage. On May 24th Beyond Meat Inc stocks fell a shocking 2.43 points.

This is very much seen in the last five days. The highest was at $90.44 while the lowest sunk down to $77.63.

2. People are Questioning the Health Benefits

Generally, people believe if something is plant-based then it is automatically healthier. While this may sound write on paper, experts disagree with that statement. In actuality, there is not enough research to conclude that eating a plant-based diet will result in a healthier lifestyle.

According to Dan Glickman, a former U.S Agriculture Secretary “I think we know enough to know that it’s healthy, and we know that it has some protein in it,” he said. “But as a general rule, apart from the plant-based meat, we do not know enough about what’s in our food.”

3. The Future Is Hard To Predict

In general, the future of the stock market is hard to predict. The reason or the decline is the factors that are known to analysts and stock market watchers alike.

Beyond Meat may in the future gain back the points and percentages lost over the last few years but depending on the climate it may also continue to decline rapidly.

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