Whispir IPO 2019 – Date, June 19: Share Price, Valuation, Funding, Fututre Forecast, Revenue Predictions and More

Whispir is another communications-focused technology company ready to dip their toes into IPO. As of recently, headlines have been made for the Australian software company. The company, Whispir was founded in 2001 and has had a slow rise as compared to other software and technology companies like CrowdStrike.

June 19th is the Expected Date

As published by multiple sources, Whispir hopes to have their IPO secured by June 19th. As of right now, the company is being valued up to $213 million according to Wilsons. Earlier this month, according to afr.com, “Wilsons has kicked off an initial public offering marketing campaign for cloud-based communications company Whispir, valuing the business at up to $213 million.”

While the analysts above offered a high value of $213 million, other analysts have valued the company at $141 million.

Soon after releasing this news the company established a hopeful expected date of June 19th which is a little over three weeks away.

Share Pricing Looks to be Steady for Now

According to another source, openspace ventures, the pricing at the stocks for the current funds is relatively neutral. The company Whispir has been campaigning to earn $50 million for its IPO and as noted from the last updated, they have funded a little over $40 million so far.

The pricing so far has been between $1.60 – 2.10 a share. This pricing makes sense as they are just now starting to build their voice and establish a place in the stock market world.

Future Predictions: Will the Company Soar or Crash?

A question on avid watchers and investors minds pertains to the success of the company. Some things to consider while looking at Whispir as a potential investments are the earnings and potential. As published publically Whispir currently has 500 clients globally and has yet to break even with their profits. Although they have not reached the earnings line for breaking even they are expected to by 2020.

As stated by afr.com, “The analysts valued the company at $141 million to $213 million on an enterprise value basis. The valuation was based four-to-six-times EV/revenue, based on 2020 financial year forecast revenue of $37.8 million.”


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