Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods Predictions: Revenue Will Reach an All-Time High This Year

Alternative meat has been a flourishing industry for the last five years and only continues to make progress. Just recently Beyond Meat was able to produce and distribute a plant-based burger to grocery stores in the United States.

Impossible Foods, another alternative meat company has been in the headlines for positive things such as sustainability. Both of these companies are projected to do well in the next year.

The Craze of Alternative Meat

Just as mentioned above, there is a craze spreading about alternatives to meat. Some companies have focused on plant-based meat substitutes while others have limited the amount of grease and fat in the meat.

In this day and age where healthcare and diets are becoming more and more frequent, it is no wonder that alternatives of meat have risen in the market.

Companies in these fields and areas are estimated to make over $140 billion in the next ten years.

Beyond Meat is Making Strides in its Industry

Beyond Meat has surprised watchers and investors as they have risen in the business field as one of the most influential and sustainability-focused companies.

According to Barclays, “Sustainability is increasingly more relevant as consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Z, have become more aware of the damage that food production has caused to the planet,”.

Impossible Foods Predicted To Continue to Grow

Just like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods also has a young audience that has become socially aware of the problems attacking our Earth. Most of these young adults in their audiences are vegan or vegetarian and are on a plant-based diet.

Having alternatives blowing up in the market will allow both companies to excel and continue to grow.

As of now, companies producing and offering meat substitutions are expected to hit the market and stay on there for a long time.

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