Bitcoin Has Officially Become Mainstream As Microsoft Adds It As a Currency Option in Excel

It has finally become official, Bitcoin is now mainstream.  Microsoft recently added Bitcoin as a currency option in Excel.

For a cryptocurrency to truly become mainstream, there are some challenges it must overcome and Bitcoin has just overcome those challenges.

Below are some of the vital steps to mainstream acceptance that Bitcoin has gone through

  • Celebrities such as dead rappers, Miss Universe and the recent NFL stars have all loved and endorsed Bitcoin.
  • It has become more prominent than Ed Sheeran, Star Wars and the British Royal family.
  • It featured in a Kurt Rusell film, this is an important step to gain the people’s heart.

Bitcoin News Today – Microsoft in love with cryptocurrency

Microsoft has definitely had its eye on the crypto-space for long. It proposed a purposeful strategy to support the blockchain. Of recent, it has become a partner in various luxury brands move into blockchain authentication.

BTC News – Microsoft is not loved by the Bitcoin Community

As regards Microsoft, the crypto community has shown a good amount of uncertainty. After all, the company has adopted some previous popular technologies.

Generally, the technique has been:

  • Cryptocurrency has become popular
  • Microsoft has made attempt to buy crypto, but it has proved abortive
  • Microsoft wished it had had such initiative at first
  • Microsoft develops a poorly implemented version of the technology
  • The industry standard is now the poorly implemented version

These are the reasons why the crypto community is concerned.  Of course, Microsoft cannot destroy the addition of a currency symbol.

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