XOM Stock Price Buy or Sell? – XOM Stock Future Seem Bright

Exxon Mobil Corporation is involved in petroleum and petrochemicals businesses and operates worldwide. The operations comprise of electric power generation, production of oil and gas, and operation of coal and minerals. In addition, it manufactures as well as markets lubricants, fuels and chemicals.

Today (30th May 2019), the current price of the XOM stock is 72.16 dollars. And, as per the trend analysis of the last one year, the stock prices seem going downwards. However, the future prediction is pretty good. After a year prediction shows that the stock price will rise to $132.852 which is 1.671% growth in 2020.

Wallet Investor suggests that the XOM stock price will rise to $ 72.198 after a year and $100.05 after 5 years in 2024.

XOM Forecast 2019: Buy or Sell

Exxom Mobil is a promising company when it comes to a long term investment. And, as per the investment experts, the future prospects are higher for this specific stock.

As per the CNN business, a total of 19 analysts have agreed to offer 12-month price forecasts with a median target of $84.00. This includes the high estimate of $105.00 and a low estimate of $75.00. According to the median estimate, the price is going to show a +16.41% increase from its last price (72.16).

A poll taken between 24 investment analysts clarifies that the XOM stock is a good option to hold. Among the 24 analysts, 5 suggested to buy, 1 thinks it outperformed, 2 believe that it is good to sell the stock and 16 agreed that the XOM stock is best to hold.

The Conclusion – XOM Stock Prediction

The current trends are not in favour of stocks in energy sector. Hence, the prices are showing a downward trend. But positive trends are expected in the future. Anyway, trading in bull markets is anytime easier. So, you may want to look at the possibilities of holding these shares.

The XOM forecast 2019 suggests that you must hold the shares for getting better returns in the future.

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