CSCO Stocks Quite Popular Nowadays – Cisco Systems Inc Buy or Sell?

Cisco Systems Inc, an American multinational company involved in manufacturing and selling of Internet Protocol-based networking and various other products relating to the information technology industry. The company is well established for its computer network products. It is headquartered in San Jose, California. Here is the CSCO Forecast for 2019.

The current stock price of Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO) as of 31st May 2019 is $53.570. In the last one year, the prices are in mostly uptrend. It signifies that the particular market was quite popular in the last year and so is now. The projections for the next one year look promising too. This stock would be a good addition for those looking for a long term investment.

According to Wallet Investor, the stock price for Cisco is going to rise in the coming years. The price may rise to 106.167 USD by next year. Also, the next five year span has a lot in store. The revenue is expected to surge to +98.18%.

CSCO Forecast – Buy or Sell?

There is no doubt that the company has shown pretty good performance in the last quarter and is already booming this quarter as well. Analysts also have positive feedback about the company’s stock.

The CNN Business together with the help of 23 analysts is offering 12-month price forecasts for CSCO. According to these analysts involved in research, have provided a median target of $60.00. They have predicted a high estimate of 65.00 and a low estimate of $50.00. Hence, resulting in +12.00% increase from 53.57 dollars.

The poll result held by 27 investment analysts suggest to buy stock in Cisco Systems Inc. Among these 27 analysts, 18 considered the stock as a good option for ‘buy’. As per 2 of the analysts, the stock has outperformed. And, 7 consider it a ‘hold’ stock.

The Conclusion – CSCO Stock Prediction

Based on the CSCO Forecast by investment experts, the stock seems good for ‘buy’. It will be a great part of your investment portfolio with great future prospects.

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