Microsoft Corp (MSFT) Stock May Reach To 75$ By The End Of This Year

MSFT is definitely one of the top tech stocks. The MSFT price prediction is also showing great trends in favor of the stock.

As of today (29th May 2019), the current stock price is 126.16 USD. If you are thinking of a long term investment, Microsoft Corporation is a great stock option. The returns expected are high in the long term. According to the expert’s forecast, the price will show an increase and will reach $260 by 2024. If we look at the five-year investment goals, investing today will get you a profit of +106.77%.

Looking at the year to date performance, at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, the stock prices of MSFT gained 17.44% which included the market capitalization of 822 billion dollars.

Stock Market News – MSFT Price Prediction 2019

To understand MSFT 2019 price prediction and how it will be performing this year, let us have a look at the trends of the last few years. Microsoft stock price gained 37% in 2017 and 20% in 2018. From April 2018 to April 2019, the stock price has already gained 17% and 2019 is still waiting to end.

As stated by the CNN Business, according to 30 analysts who together have agreed to estimate the median price target of 127$. Moreover, the prediction also confirmed the low estimated price which would reach 75$ and high price target of 160$ in the following year.

The majority of 34 investment analysts have polled together in favor of ‘buy’ to come to a consensus. Among these polled investment analysts, 28 analysts believe to put MSFT as “buy” option, three urged to “hold” while only one suggests to “sell”. The left two consider that Microsoft stocks outperformed.

The MSFT 2019 price prediction wasn’t that difficult looking at the previous years’ performance and the company’s long term goals.

The Conclusion – MSFT Stock Price 

All these MSFT price prediction trends represent a strong buy for MSFT share. What else could be said when April 2020 is targeted to take MSFT share price at 160$ per share.

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