Cryptocurrency With Over $1Bn Wagers: TRON Popularity in iGaming is On the Rise

The cryptocurrency by the name of Tronix (TRX) is associated by the founding of the Singapore based TRON Foundation in September 2017.

Justin Sun is behind this project, but…

… he had a vision that makes TRX quite different from typical cryptocurrencies.

While it works on the same concepts of decentralization and distributed storage technology

… its focus lays in conquering the entertainment sector.

While the path to achieving that goal was a little bit shaky at first, nowadays TRON is the cryptocurrency that has revolutionized the payment in the iGaming sector.

In fact…

… gamblers spend $1bn worth of the TRON cryptocurrency just in the first quarter of 2019.

The main factor for the increase of the TRON currency lays in the launch of ten decentralized venues that use this method of payment.

Crypto analysts predict that the value of TRON will only rise in the following years.

TRON and Gaming industry

The main aim of Justin Sun’s crypto is creating a full decentralization of the web.

A close second one is…

… revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

While this cryptocurrency is very interesting to many industries, conquering the gaming industry remains the focus of the company’s vision.
It is also a perfect paying method for this industry since TRON has all the technical capabilities necessary for the creation of large and complex games.

As its blockchain offers numerous applications to the public, TRON has managed to land some quite important partnerships.

Even at its early stages of development, TRON has already established collaboration with powerful gaming and entertainment companies like:

  • Peiwo and Gifto for picture, video and blog sector
  • Baofend – the leader in the video streaming division
  •, who is helping TRON to conquer the gaming sector

Benefits of TRON TRX in the Gaming Sector

 The biggest advantages of this cryptocurrency are:

  • Zero fees
  • Speed
  • Capacity in handling up to 10,000 transactions per second

All of that put together is creating a perfect environment for developing online games that are getting more technically advanced and complex.

That is why TRON was welcomed to the gaming industry with opened arms.
Each day it is becoming more and more popular cryptocurrency amongst the players.

Several reputable game developers are making games on TRON’s blockchain. With each new release the company exposure, but also the con’s value rises.

Some games like Cropbytes are rewarding players with actual TRX coins.

That way…

 TRON is getting exposure, gaining popularity and more users.

Rise of the cryptocurrencies in iGaming

Importance of cryptocurrency implementation in the online gaming industry didn’t go unnoticed by the operators and regulatory bodies.

Every respectable online gambling platforms these days are adding cryptocurrency as the method of payment. Some modern casinos are even accepting the payments only on cryptocurrencies.

The advantages of crypto coins for the players are the main reason for its popularity.
In the igaming business, these are:

  • Independence – Advantage of decentralized cryptocurrencies is best shown in the way that the user becomes an element of the system. Nobody can block or confiscate the user’s coins.
  • Very low cost of financial transactions – Possibility of fast and direct transactions with no intermediaries or commissions for sending and receiving funds.
  • Storage of funds is free and reliable
  • Reliable saving method – Cryptocurrencies can be a more reliable asset for saving money than currencies in countries with weak or unstable economies
  • No inflation – Limited number of currency units makes inflation impossible
  • No forgery – Cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited.

As one of the rising cryptos, TRON is already making its way into the igaming industry and become its inseparable part.

Since the billions of coins were gambled in the first quarter of the year, it is expected that the value and application of the TRX will only rise in the future.

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