Verizon Communications VZ Stock Analysis: VZ Stock Price Will Be $60.77 Soon

Verizon Communications Inc., an American telecommunications company is based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. This company is a holding company and provides wireless and wirelines services to consumers, businesses and government agencies. It provides information, communication and entertainment products to its users through its subsidiary companies. Let us check the VZ stock analysis for 2019.

The current stock price noted today (30th May 2019) is $58.18. The price has fallen from the last day value which was $58.73. The fall is noted for the last three days in a row. However, taking into account the trend for the last two weeks, there is an average rise in the stock price by +2.88%. This is a good sign. It is expected that the stock price will be staying anywhere between $55.76 and $60.77 in this period.

VZ Stock Analysis – VZ Stock Prediction – Buy or Sell?

Considering the short term moving average, the stock is giving a sales signal. However, if you are looking for a long term investment, it falls under ‘buy’ option.

According to the Wallet Investor, Verizon Communications Inc will show a long-term increase and the “VZ” stock price will reach 82.984 USD in a year. The analysts predict +42.63% growth in five year span.

As per CNN Business, 22 analysts provided 12-month price forecasts for VZ with a median target of $61.50. It includes a high estimate of $67.00 whereas a low estimate of $50.00. The stock analysis shows +5.71% surge as compared to the last price of 58.18.

The pool among 28 investment analysts suggests a hold signal. Among 28 analysts, 12 agreed to ‘buy’. 1 believes that the stock in Verizon Communications Inc under-performed. While 15 suggested to ‘hold’.

VZ Stock Price – The Conclusion

If we look at the trading volume of the Verizon Communications, the stocks are traded in good volume every day. Also, there is a minor change in the daily fluctuation of the stock price and traded volume. All these signals for a low-risk stock.

Considering all the VZ stock analysis from various analysts, hold option seems good.

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