CrowdStrike Holdings Reveals IPO Share Which Is Between 19$ and 23$ Per Share

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity unicorn revealed the date when the company will go public and join the growing trend of IPOs that continues throughout 2019. The company has a market cap of 4.1 billion dollars, and has already published financial reports prior to the IPO debut.

As stated by the company’s representatives, CrowdStrike was founded back in 2011 with a goal to reinvent the era of cloud security, launching their focus project Falcon only two years later.

Even though the company is still unprofitable, CrowdStrike IPO seems to be enticing a lot of interest among investors.

What to expect from CrowdStrike IPO and should you invest and get your own piece of the cybersecurity pie?

CrowdStrike Reveals IPO Date: When Will CrowdStrike Go Public?

According to the latest information released by the company, CrowdStrike should go public on June 12th, revealing mid-June as the perfect time for IPO.

In the period of the last 12 months before the initial public offer, CrowdStrike managed to record 249.8 million dollars in revenue, reporting 140.1 million in losses for the same period of time.

CrowdStrike Target Share Price and Number of Shares

CrowdStrike agreed to issue 18,000,000 shares within their public offer. The target share price set based on the value of the company and the number of shares is set between 19$ and 23$ per share.

Located in Sunnyvale, the company is focused on cybersecurity sector that could be valued to 5.1 billion by 2021, and has 1455 employees by far.

CrowdStrike Valuation, Finances and Profitability

Rarely any of the upcoming tech companies or those that have already went public can brag on being profitable, and CrowdStrike is not one of those companies.

The company is managing to record increases from year to year, but net losses are rising as well as a consequence. The company is presently valued at 4.1 billion, placing it among top cybersecurity IPOs ahead of CrowdStrike debut.

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