One of the hottest IPOs of 2019; Beyond Meat Is about to have Its biggest test

On Thursday, Beyond Meat will report its 1st quarterly earnings as a public company, and the result will come as analysts analyze the amount of potential has already been priced into the company.

Discretion ahead of Beyond Meat earnings

As the company stock increases, so have anticipations ahead of its report. And Wall Street will probably for looking for a positive financial outlook from Beyond Meat. In a research note on Friday, Kevin Grundy Jefferies analyst said given the high bar, basically reaffirming the company’s outlook would be met with disappointment by the market.

Grundy said during the company earnings a call, he would be looking for insights on the company food service business. And he’ll also be watching for any details on Beyond Meat efforts to strengthen distribution in the United States retail outlets.

Beyond Meat stock continues to soar

Ahead of its Nasdaq debut last month, the meat-alternative maker priced at 25. Since then, the company recent initial public offering has quadrupled, climbing 3% to 99.5 on the stock market on Tuesday after reaching a new intraday high of 108.67 on Monday before going down. By comparison, IPOs like Pinterest, Lyft, and Uber that have been highly anticipated have seen their shares fall. The recent rally in this company has given it a market value of more than $6 billion.

The best-case scenario for Beyond Meat stock

Beyond Meat stock market rise has been sustained by optimism from some analysts. Ken Goldman JPMorgan analyst last week called the growth opportunity for Beyond Meat as extraordinary as he gave the company an overweight rating with a 97-price target. Plus, more analysts say that notwithstanding the stable business, the company’s valuation already reflects years of gains.


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