Will Uber Continue To Decline Or Rise?

Uber surprisingly has been decreasing in both revenue and stock value. This company recently was able to launch its IPO, and it failed! Investors were quick to jump and buy shares from the popular ride-sharing app which was a major mistake.

Uber Stocks Are Currently Declining

Uber has sadly continued to fall. This ridesharing company crushed hopeful investors dreams of a successful tech stock. Lyft had a similar issue as it exploded in popularity the first week of its IPO and declined rapidly after the hype had worn off.

Although Uber stocks recently rose in value, this doesn’t mean much.

Recent Increase In Points.

The last closing prior to publishing this article was a whopping 45.00 even. While this significant (5.26%) jump has investors jumping up in joy- it is safer to pause and think about it.

Growth patterns with any new IPO are relatively the same. Even if their numbers are tanking or ranking among the best, there are still insignificant drops and rises. One of these rises happened this last closing on June 5th. After hours it has however seen a minor decrease of less then one percent.

Will Uber Decline Or Rise?

Uber is expected to do horribly in the next few years to come. While the company started off amazing and unique to both consumers and investors, recent headlines have depicted this company to be one to ignore.

Revenue for the company has been down since the last quarter and is not expected to see much growth.

Although these numbers described above could mean significant loss, Ubers CEO Dana Khosrowshahi has addressed investors in an attempt to reassure them. The CEO presented the idea that Uber was beginning to look like the new Amazon of transportation.

But is that true? Drivers have been making headlines angry about the decisions made by the company regarding their compensation and their title. Uber also seems to be sparking major competitions with similar apps, like Lyft.

With all of these factors, Uber is most likely to fail.

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