Analysts Expecting a Dose of Surprise From Beyond Meat (BYND) Financial Report

Beyond Meat (BYND) undoubtedly turned out to be one of the most successful IPOs in years, also taking the title of the most successful IPO for the year 2019.

Beyond Meat, focused on producing and selling vegan and vegetarian substitutes for meat, jumped by over 163% on its first-day trade, which additionally made Uber’s failure to meet investors; expectations even more memorable.

As Beyond Meat is preparing to release the first financial reports after the company’s IPO, what can we expect from the upcoming reports?

Beyond Meat Financial Reports: What Analysts Say About BYND Company Finances

Expectations remain high for Beyond Meat as the IPO debut that the company made recently was more than memorable. Analysts seem to be bullish on the upcoming reports from Beyond Meat even though the meat substitute manufacturer is still among unprofitable publicly traded companies.

However, according to the analysts on FactSet that entered a poll consider that the company will report losses by 15 cents per share.

An Upward Revision Expected from Beyond Meat Reports

Analyst from Jeffries stated that they (Jeffries) are keeping the “Hold” status on Beyond Meat. Further explaining the status, Jeffries analyst added that considering McDonald’s latest success (MCD), it is expected to see an upward revision from Beyond Meat.

In addition, Jeffries analysts stresses out that the food market is showing clear momentum, still expecting a dose of surprise from Beyond Meat financial reports.

Beyond Meat Profitability and Market Presence

Although vegans and vegetarians account for less than 5% of population in the US, Beyond Meat products are made available to 11, 000 out of 17,000 customers in the country.

Beyond Meat yet remains unprofitable as the company is developing further and chasing a greater market share. However, investors already showed on the first-day trade that they are 163% certain that Beyond Meat can become a huge thing in the US and farther.

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