‘Everyone’ Can Compete Against Microsoft With Zoom’s And Slack’s Integration Help

You know how it’s said when you and someone have an ‘enemy in common’, that is your new friend, right? According to the title of this article, you can guess what I am talking about here already…

What is going on between Microsoft and Slack in the first place? Well, let’s explain something first for your better understanding. Microsoft is the one that is using and offering something that is actually copied from Slack. Yes, we are talking about that all-in-one solution Microsoft is offering in its Office 365 products package. It definitely seems like how Slack is so angry about that.

So, what’s the question here at all? Everyone is talking about making a choice between using a single bullet solution or getting some personalized and mixed experience.

What is Slack’s success? It is definitely the company’s third-party integration. So, what have they accomplished with that? Slack is offering their amazing service of video calls and messaging which are completely single-click efficient. Slack’s subscribers are Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, HighFive, and this list is so long you would need a half hour to read it. Slack is probably proud because of this sentence now. Just kidding, okay, let’s get back to the news!

Slack and Zoom is integrated now with a purpose to gain even more success and ‘beat’ Windows. The services which offer quality video calls are definitely becoming better and better with time, and it seems like how Windows is a little bit worried about that.

Do you believe how we can actually expect some sort of a war between these giants? Is Windows worried about Slack and Zoom taking over? We believe how it still isn’t, yet, with time Slack has some huge plans about becoming more powerful than ever. I will be there to update and inform you about what you need and want to know. Stay tuned!


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