All Those Fintech IPOs… – Where Are They?

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Everyone is talking about this banner year that is connected to all those venture-backed tech IPOs. Is it over? Not at all! Actually, it is far from over! We can easily come to a conclusion how 2019 will at some point smash all those records related to any kind of VC exit value.

Let’s talk about the top 10 most valuable fintech companies from different parts of the globe. What do those have in common? They are not old. Or better said, they are all from six to ten years old. Yet, all these companies have already achieved incredible earnings. We are talking about hundreds of millions that have been raised here. Some of those went even further and raised over 1$ billion!

What else do these unicorns have in common? It seems like how they are not thinking about offerings at all. They are not even close to it.

Who is the biggest of all these unicorns? That would be definitely Stripe. The co-founder of this company, John Collison, claimed how the company has no plans to go public at all, yet, it is worth approximately $22.5 billion.

What about TransferWise? It is a company located in London and doing business in money transfers. Their valuation was recently set on $3.5. The company is so successful, but they don’t think about going public yet. When asked, TransferWise’s CEO, Kristo Kaarman claimed how they don’t need to rush to go public because they are doing great anyways. We believe his words.

What would be some of the best fintech fundings that have happened in the last 365 days? We must mention SoFi first. It has raised an incredible amount of $500M! Robinhood, as well, has raised up to $200M. Affirm and Coinbase has also done a great job and raised up to $300M.

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