What Are The Stocks Analysts Adore? (Not Just Uber)

When it comes to Uber shares, we were all able to see how all analysts love them unanimously. They are constantly recommending people to buy their shares, but it seems like how this amazing company is not the only one on their ”buy” rating list.

Should investors really follow their recommendations? We will see. Here are some other stocks analysts highly love and recommend as well!

The second one coming right after Uber would definitely be Amazon.com. Right after Amazon.com, we are able to see AIZ (Assurant) and ABMD (Abiomed). When it comes to receiving neutral or low ratings, you should definitely know how none of these companies have received any like that. All these companies have got very high ratings.

How are companies reacting to such ratings? For Uber, it was a positively surprising thing. For example, when we take a look at the data showing the prices of Uber’s shares, we can see how those went up for 2%. Ratings that came from analysts related to Uber have even caused the Internal Revenue Service to invest that situation for a bit. They have needed to search and find out everything about Uber’s tax accounting.

We can all clearly see how getting such support is really rare on this market. We are not surprised how they wanted to investigate for a bit. Yet, nothing strange was found.

How it all went for Amazon? It got a rating of 88 when it comes to IBD. Besides that, the shares went up for almost 15%! Amazon hasn’t got any neutral rating, which is very rare. Yet, they claim how their shares are so powerful and the ratings are so strong that barely anyone wants to have anything against those ratings anymore.

Do you believe how the ratings were completely objective or do you think how there is something bigger behind that?


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