CrowdStrike IPO: Top 3 Things You Need to Know Ahead of CrowdStrike IPO in June – CrowdStrike Raises Share Price Estimates Between $28 and $30

CrowdStrike is easily one of the most anticipated cybersecurity IPOs, even though like many of the tech unicorns looking to go public, CrowdStrike is yet unprofitable.

In the meanwhile, CrowdStrike already received evaluation ahead of the public debut, which means that the company is at least 4.5 billion dollars-worth as the cybersecurity unicorn is waiting for June debut.

As investors are preparing to chip in and invest, or play pass on CrowdStrike IPO, here are top three things that you need to note on this cybersecurity IPO.

CrowdStrike Could Be Valued Up to 6 Billion Dollars at the High End of Price Estimates

For now, CrowdStrike has an estimated value of 4.5 and 4.6 billion dollars ahead of its IPO, however, the cybersecurity unicorn could be valued more by the time it hits the market of publicly traded companies.

In case CrowdStrike would start the initial sale at the high end of its share price estimates, the company could receive an evaluation of 6 billion dollars.

CrowdStrike IPO Share Price Estimates Increased to $28 and $30

After the most recent update on the share price estimates for CrowdStrike, the company might start the initial sale between 28$ and 30$ per share.

Previously, the share price target for the cybersecurity company was set between 19$ and 23$, which provided the CrowdStrike with 4.5 billion evaluation.

CrowdStrike One of Rare Cybersecurity IPOs in 2019

CrowdStrike is only the second cybersecurity company to go public in 2019. Besides CrowdStrike, only another company from the sector went public in 2019, Tufin Software Technologies.

Back in 2018, three cybersecurity companies went public, including Carbon Black that had a surge by 26% during the opening trading session.

Additionally, CrowdStrike will be issuing dual-class shares, which means that there will be A class and B class shares, where B class shares get 10 votes per share.

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