Uber Starting To Show Signs Of Improvement

Uber has been now public for over a month in the stock market. The popular ride-sharing app, however, did not do so well in the last month. May was for sure rocky as not only did Uber decrease in value throughout closings but so did its rival, Lyft.

According to reputable sources and data, Uber may be turning a new leaf and hopefully improving!

Uber Fell Harshly In May

Uber publicized its long-awaited IPO at the beginning of May, and just as quickly as it was publicized, it fell. During the first few days, investors flocked to buy shares at the opening price. Sadly, this did not go well and as the magic faded, the value of the stocks began to decrease.

Plenty of analysts and watchers kept on regarding Ubers IPO as a ‘failure’ but are they really?

Analysts Are Seeing Improvements Despite Initial Decrease

Experts have been analyzing Uber in hopes of either figuring out why the company did so bad or if the IPO is savable. So far, it seems like it is.

According to PYMTS, “Analysts were expecting an adjusted net loss per share of 76 cents on the earnings of roughly $3.1 billion. ” However, their expectations have been debunked as of now.

What Should You Do With Uber?

With all of this information comes a decision, what should you do with Ubers IPO? Are you willing to buy a high to moderate risk stock? Or would you rather pass and wait till further information has been found?

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi put in their two cents “In the first quarter, engagement across our platform was higher than ever, with an average of 17 million trips per day and an annualized gross bookings run-rate of $59 billion.”

The engagement and the revenue produced by the company also plays a roll in your decision. Personally? I would take a pass for now.


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