Will Chewy’s IPO Be The Next Pets.Com?

We are finally able to see Chewy filling the IPO which will value the company for approximately $7 billion. Chewy claims how their core mission is to take advantage of the nowadays consumers in the pet’s world. We can all clearly see how people are really spending more money than ever on their beloved pets. Can that make Chewy become new Pets.Com?

Is Chewy still owned by someone? Yes, it is. PetSmart is the owner and we believe how it may launch this IPO with a purpose to stay solvent.

Yet, investors still believe how they should avoid its IPO because of too many debts. Although Chewy’s finances seem to go in the right direction, they will definitely need to do something about debts as soon as possible.

This Monday, we were able to see the report coming from Bloomberg which claims how Chewy is ready to go public with its approximate valuation of 7 billion.

How much will Chewy actually receive from this IPO? It is believed how they will earn enough money which can be efficiently used for general corporate purposes. $90 million may be enough for Chewy to take some further steps.

Why is everyone comparing Chewy to Pets.Com? Probably because their core business is related to the same area of consumerism. The company is an e-commerce retailer and they claim how the pet owners can literally get anything they imagine from Chewy.

There is another interesting thing about Chewy and its customers. They call their parents instead of pet owners. With that information, we are able to realize in which direction the pet market will go in the next few years and even decades.

We can easily see how in nowadays society, there are now more pet owners than ever. Will that number just increase? We believe how it will, so does Chewy.

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