IPO Week – Cybersecurity And Online Pet Food Companies Taking The Center Stage

The U.S. IPO week is just ahead and we are finally able to come to a conclusion which unicorns will be in the center stage of it. How much money will this week bring? It is believed how approximately up to five IPOs will raise $1.4 billion in just seven days.

What are the companies that will drag all the attention to themselves in the next 5-IPO week? Analysts believe how those will definitely be Chewy and CrowdStrike. Fiverr International is also the one that may get a lot of benefits from the next week by raising $100 million at the market cap worth more than $635 million.

When it comes to Chewy, we are able to see this pet company targeting a $750 million IPO. The whole valuation will be $7.6 billion. It is really amazing how fast has Chewy grown. They have more than $3.5 billion in sales. The most amazing detail about their growth is how half the amount of that money actually completely comes from different pet owners that have used their auto-ship service. Although Chewy is still highly unprofitable and investors believe how they should avoid it, CHWY is definitely going in the right direction.

Let’s talk about CrowdStrike now for a bit. The north valuation will be worth $6.5 billion, and this company is ready to target the IPO worth $500 million. Since 2016, this cybersecurity unicorn made a growth of +118% CAGR. Enterprise clients are looking forward to CrowdStrike’s future. When it comes to the company’s range, we can easily see how it has raised 40%. The difference between CrowdStrike and Chewy is that the investors don’t want to take their parts in Chewy’s shares still, while CrowdStrike doesn’t need to think about that problem.

Do you believe how these two businesses are actually the most profitable these years?

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