Deadly Model X Tesla Crash Mountain View NTSB Report: ‘No driver input detected’ message seconds before fatal Tesla crash

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, in the recent fatal crash, the driver of the vehicle did not had his hands on the steering wheel. The crash happened in Silicon Valley in March.

NTSB investigations: Tesla Model X was actually accelerating

According to the NTSB investigation, the Tesla Model X was actually accelerating when it finally hit the highway. The occupant of the vehicle Walter Huang was killed in the accident.

The occupant of the vehicle had activated the semi-autonomous. This mode was active for at least 19 minutes before the crash. The main aim of this mode is to ensure that the car is maintaining proper lane discipline. Also, it will adjust the speed of the car according to the surrounding vehicles. The cruise control setting of the car was set at 75 mph.

The car however actually was traveling at a slower speed. This was due to a car which was in front of it. However, after a while, the autonomous mode detected that the car in front was no longer there and as a result, it was increasing its speed. It finally hit the barrier which was present at the exit of State Highway 85.

Tesla Crash Message: No driver input detected

Around 7 seconds before the crash, the vehicle moved to the left. Around 6 seconds before the crash, message appeared that no driver input was detected. This clearly indicates that the hands of the driver were not on the steering wheel. Finally, the car moved to the left and entered the gore area. It even increased its speed through that area. Finally, it crashed to directly perpendicular to the concrete barrier. The speed at the time of the crash was 71 mph. Also, the vehicle actually hit 2 other vehicles as well. The occupant of the vehicle was attacked by the passersby.

NTSB report: There is no clear reason to blame Tesla

According to the report the NTSB, the vehicle was traveling at 65 mph at the time when another car was in front of it. This was around 8 seconds before the impact.

Also, 7 seconds before the impact, the vehicle began moving left.

4 seconds before the crash, the car in front was not detected and as a result, the cruise control mode was engaged. This meant that the vehicle was now increasing its speed to 75 mph. 3 seconds before the impact; the speed of the vehicle was around 71 mph.

Also, according to the report NTSB, the driver did not provide any input just before the crash.

However, even after the report of NTSB, there is no clear reason to be blamed. The report also did not mention who is to blame for the accident of the car. According to the spokesperson of NTSB, Christopher O’Neil, the main aim was to understand what caused the crash and to prevent it. Keyword: Tesla, NTSB, crash, tesla crash 101, fatal tesla crash, tesla model x crash, tesla crash mountain view, walter huang tesla,

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