Banks and Fintech: ING Bank launches a developer portal and provides API for Fintech start-ups

The developer portal of ING was used by internal employee since a long period of time. Recently, ING opened a developer portal for coders from the Fintech start-ups as well as from their clients as well. With the help of APIs they will not be able to easily test as well as develop the programs which they are planning to. When it comes to the developer portal, it will provide proper API access to the developers. As a result, the portal which is just up and was until now closed to anyone outside ING will now be open. As a result, testing will become much smoother.

Testing Environment:

This will provide a sandbox -type environment to the coders which are using the platform. In addition to that, the functionalities which will be provided will be according to the European payment services director.

According to ING’s global head of transaction services, Mark Buitenhek, with the help of this platform, the choices which the customer and staff have in order to create a development ecosystem will increase drastically. As a result, they will be able to serve their clients better. Some of the initial simulations which are currently offered include account information services, payment request, and payment initiation.

According to the CEO of ING, Ron van Kemenade, with the help of this platform, the bank will also be able to progress. Moreover, the functionalities of the portals will be increased significantly as well. As a result, the EPA which is on offer will increase in the future significantly.

With the help of the API, developers will be able to easily develop the products. This will ensure that the capability of the clients and also the capability of the developers which are accessing the platform will increase significantly. As a result, it will become much easier for the developers to test their applications as well. Once the applications are tested, it will indeed become easier for the developers to execute them.

This is actually a very welcome step for the clients as well as the Fintech start-ups. The developers of the Fintech start-up will be able to easily examine and test their applications without having to opt for costly testing platforms. With the help of API, testing the applications will become much easier. As a result, developers will be able to roll out their applications at a faster pace. When the applications are rolled out at a faster pace, automatically the development process will be more advanced and faster. Keyword: ING, API, Fintech

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